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Pebble Beach 17 Mile Drive

I have this big want to explore. Especially on days when my anxiety is at its worst. I want to be out in nature, with the sun on my skin, warming every inch of my body. I am very fortunate to live in a town where the ocean is only a few minutes away.

Anxiety is a real thing and many people suffer with it everyday. Somedays I really wish I didn’t have it, so that way I could be more care free. I had a discussion with my therapist of wanting to do the things that I WANT. To not let my anxiety get the best of me. He told me, “Why don’t you make a list of things that make you feel centered and calm?”

I went off to write it. Along the way I discovered that nature is my number one calming method. Whether this be my backyard were I can take in the crisp air or put my feet on the ground. Somehow, I have started to learn how to channel this through my travels. Because there is a BIG world out there and I don’t want to be held back! So I am starting small. With my hometown and then I shell conquer the WORLD. So can you!

Tips on how to travel with anxiety in your hometown

Tip #1 Find a destination in your local town that you enjoy or have always wanted to visit. That could be a park, book store, coffee house, museum, beach, etc. (Generally I make a back up plan. Just in case if one is too crowded for me.)

Tip #2 Put on an outfit that makes you feel comfortable. Make sure that it also makes you feel cute as heck or handsome as heck! Add a sentamental piece. For myself it is a necklace. I tend to wear necklaces that my late grandmother has given me. It makes me feel like I am not alone and that someone is watching over me.

Tip #3 Take someone that you enjoy spending time with and who understands that anxiety can really suck! But is willing to be there to support you. (My boyfriend Alex is my to go person) If you can’t find someone, just remember that you are strong and capable of anything in this world. You’ll enjoy your time and you won’t regret getting out of the house.

Tip #4 Blast some music. I know it might sound silly. But really. Turn that volume UP! Somehow blasting your favorite tunes can just really change your attitude. I myself am soooo guilty of singing and dancing in my car. Music has this crazy way of inspiring us. Well at least for me it does. If you don’t like music put on an audio book that you enjoy.

Tip #5 Take in the beauty. Take in a few deep breaths. If you feel anxiety try 4 square breathing. Close your eyes. Allow yourself to feel the freedom. Enjoy EVERYTHING. Before you know it, you will be exploring outside of your city. You’ll be taking on the world! Everything takes baby steps and there is no rush.

Love M

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