How To Make Homemade Hot Apple Cider

How To Make Homemade Hot Apple Cider

Did you hear that most of the states are going to be hit by polar vortex winds?!? They are expecting to have record cold days in certain parts of the nation. Like, no thank you! I am not a fan of cold weather. In light of the cold weather to come, I am in need of a warm drink!

My drink of choice during Fall is Hot Apple Cider!

It brings back so many memories from years past. Warm, cozy, and happy is all that I feel when I take a sip of apple cider. It makes me forget that it is freezing cold out.



  1. Combine ingredients into a large stockpot. Add apples, oranges, brown sugar and spices. Then cover with apple juice and water.
  2. Heat cider over high heat until it reaches simmer. Then reduce heat to medium-low. Cover and simmer for about 2 hours. (apples will be completely soft)
  3. Using a wooden spoon, mash all of the apples and oranges against the side of the stockpot. (this will help combine all the flavors.) Allow to simmer for about 15-20 minutes.
  4. Next, you will need a fine-mesh strainer and a large bowl. (if you need a strainer or don’t know what they look like click here!This is the one I use.) Strain out all the delicious juice. Using your wooden spoon, press mushy apples and oranges against the edge of the strainer. The liquid will come out on the other side into the bowl. Discard any left over mushy solids.
  5. Serve you apple cider warm! Now it is time to enjoy your apple cider.

Now, grab a blanket. Pour hot cider into a HUGE mug. Take a seat next to the fire by someone you love.

Enjoy the sweet taste of Fall in a cup!!

(this recipe is also good for spiked hot apple cider….just saying.)


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