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Hey there, Welcome!

I am Marta Flinn!

A recipe developer, food enthusiast, dog mom, hiking junkie and founder of Deliciously Marta. It’s nice to meet you.

I am the author and recipe developer behind Deliciously Marta. I started blogging merely as fun to share recipes to the world and a way to learn more about my heritage, since I am adopted. But, now it has been an integral part of my life and grown into my full-time business.

I live in a small town in California with my husband Alexander and our dog children, Murphy and Basil. Apart from recipe development, I love painting, reading about gardens, going on 24hr adventures!

Come and explore my delicious recipes.

My Philosophy

I love creating recipes that are approachable, delicious and easy to re-create in your kitchen.

Deliciously Marta

More About Me

Most days you can find me in the kitchen creating new recipes or traveling to new places to try new dishes and flavors. The thing that I am most passionate about in life is helping others find love for food. To teach those who aren’t as confident in the kitchen to be confident in their skills. I am lucky to connect with and inspire people all around the world. I work with people who are looking for ways to expand their knowledge in the kitchen and live their tastiest lives.

My Journey

My facination started in a small apartment studio. Way before I was adopted. My biological mom wasn’t around much and I was forced to learn how to cook at age 4. But, instead of resenting having to learn this skill. I fell head over heels in the kitchen. First, I learned the basics. Cooking an egg, then moved on to learning how to make ramen. By age 6, I was avid in the kitchen. When I got adopted, I had the blessing of going into a family that loved cooking. My grandmother taught so many amazing tricks, recipes and she was the perfect hostess. Even more so, she made me feel like I belonged when I was first introduced to her. This blog is dedicated to her. Because she made the kitchen a safe place for me. A place where there wasn’t limitations or judgment. Just love, family and good food.

Deliciously Marta

My Mission Is Simple:

To change the way people eat, inspiring a shift within ones self in the kitchen and beyond”


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