Plum Galette

This rustic plum galette makes for a lovely summer breakfast or evening dessert! Filled with fresh juicy plums and the perfect flaky crust! Enjoy this delicious treat at brunch or an evening dessert. There really is no wrong time to make this!

Lemon Cheesecake Danish (Lactose Free)

Cheesecake Danish is a pasty puff dessert that can be eaten for breakfast or as an evening treat. It’s filled with a sweet cheesecake filling that has hints of lemon flavor! This is such an easy recipe, it will be done under 30 minutes!

Healthy Pepper Egg In A Hole

This healthy Pepper Egg In a Hole recipe is super easy to make and light breakfast that wont have your stomach feeling heavy. This dish is full of color and and flavor, well being low carb and keto friendly!