Homemade Feel Good Food

I am Marta.

A recipe developer, food enthusiast, dog mom, hiking junkie and founder of Deliciously Marta. It’s nice to meet you.

I am the author and recipe developer behind Deliciously Marta. I started blogging merely as fun to share recipes to the world and a way to learn more about my heritage, since I am adopted. But, now it has been an integral part of my life and grown into my full-time business.

I live in a small town in California with my husband Alexander and our dog children, Murphy and Basil. Apart from recipe development, I love painting, reading about gardens, going on 24hr adventures exploring near by towns!

I am excited that you are here! Can’t wait to bake and cook with you.

Come and explore my delicious recipes.

Deliciously Marta

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