Instant Pot: Chicken Tortilla Soup

Flu and Cold season are officially upon us. It didn’t stay away from our household. We are just barely recovering from the cold. We enjoy a good bowl of chicken noodle soup, but we had it one too many times.

To switch it up, I decided to make another family favorite. Chicken Tortilla Soup! Thankfully, the Instant Pot is super easy to use. So it makes it easier to cook something delicious and nutritious well being sick.

A few benefits that this soup holds.

Chicken broth: It can restore gut health and promotes healthy digestion. It reduces inflammation and joint pain! It even helps improve skin, hair and nail growth!

Black beans: They are jam packed with fiber, potassium, folate and vitamin B6! They can also help decrease risk of diabetes and heart disease.



  1. Place chicken breast in the center of the Instant Pot and pour 1 cup of chicken broth over it. Cover chicken, make sure lid is secure. Set pressure release to Sealing position. Set Instant Pot to Pressure Cook or Manual setting (if your cooker doesn’t have pressure cook setting.) Set cooking time of 10 minutes at high pressure.
  2. When cooking time is done, move Pressure Release to Venting. Remember to always take caution when doing this, steam is extremely hot. I suggest using a kitchen towel to protect your hands and arms. Once the Instant Pot is ready, open it up. Take chicken out. Use two works to shred chicken.
  3. Place shredded chicken back into the pot. Add bell peppers, black beans, sweet corn, onion, garlic, dried oregano, cumin, chili powder, and salt. Add diced tomatoes plus the juice that comes with it. Lastly, pour 3 cups of chicken broth over everything.
  4. Next, reset Instant Pot. Press the Cancel button, followed by Soup button. Set cooking time to 5 minutes at high pressure. Once your soup is finished cooking, set Pressure Release to Venting. Once again take caution well doing this.
  5. Place soup on a bowl. Sprinkle your choice of tortilla chips. Top with sour cream, avocado, cilantro and lime!

Bye Bye Cold! Soup Is ON.

Curl up with a bowl of Chicken Tortilla Soup on the couch. Put on one of your favorite shows. Enjoy your day.

Stay healthy my friends! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below!


Recipe Notes: If this is your first time using a pressure cooker you may come to find that it has to preheat. This is normal. Depending on how many ingredients are in your pot, it may take longer or shorter to preheat before starting actual cook time. For this recipe it will take somewhere between 15-25 minutes for your pressure cooker to preheat before it starts cook time. Feel free to leave your pot well this is happening! Happy cooking everyone!!

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    1. Thank you so much!!

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