Recipes for the Soul: Pizza Night

Homemade Pizza…in a Outdoor Pizza Oven

The all mighty homemade pizza. There is just something so homey about making pizza from scratch. My family has a tradition called Fire Friday’s. My dad built an outdoor pizza oven about two years ago. Mid April is when we fire up this bad boy. Today was a trail run before the first Fire Friday kick off of the year! (We needed to dry the inside of the oven due to rain)


Making the Dough

In a small bowl stir together dry yeast, sugar and heated water. (make sure the water isn’t too hot or too cold) Mix until the mixture begins to foam.

Place 3 1/2 cups of flour into a big bowl. Mix in salt.

Add olive oil into yeast mixture. Lightly mix. Then add to flour. Using your hands begin to mix ingredients together.

The dough will start to form. Once it is sticking together. Add the rest of the flour to a flat surface. Then transfer dough to surface.

Knead until it is nice and smooth. It will be a dough ball that is formed.

Place the dough in a bowl. Cover it with plastic wrap, then add a towel over it. If you have access to a funny area, place bowl there. You will want to let it sit for at least 45 minutes.

The dough should double in size. I normally aim for at least three times bigger. kneading until nice, smooth dough-ball is formed.

Place in oiled bowl, cover with plastic wrap, then kitchen towel and let sit for 30 minutes.

Dough should double (at least).

Creating your Pizza

Once your dough is ready. You can choose to make big pizzas or smaller ones. This recipe will make 2 big pizzas or about 8 small 6 inch pizzas.

Roll your dough over a small amount of flour.

Choose your favorite tomato sauce. If you are making a small pizza add about 1tbsp of pizza sauce.

Add a nice layer of mozzarella cheese.

Add your choice of meat!

Top the pizza with parmesan cheese and a dash of olive oil! Your pizza is ready to go in the oven.


Bake your pizza for about 10 minutes in an outdoor oven!

Your pizza is ready to enjoy!

If you do not have access to an outdoor oven set your oven at 425 degrees F. Cook pizza for about 15-20 minutes!

I hope everyone has a fun Spring season with their friends and family.

With love,

The Off-Beat Duchess

Marta Flinn

Hi! I am Marta, creator of DeliciouslyMarta. I have over 5 years experience in recipe development, food videography and photography! When I am not in the kitchen, I love reading, taking my dogs on walks and exploring new places.

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