Recipes for the Soul: Vegetarian Nachos

Vegetarian Nachos

NACHOS! They are so freaking delicious. I wanted to create a less guilty Nacho recipe. One that you could enjoy without really having to worry about how many extra calories you are going to have to burn off at the gym.

You can eat this whole thing by yourself if you wanted. It is only 296 calories. Or split it with someone making it only 148 calories!



Preheat oven to 400 F Degrees.

Measure all ingredients. This will help you stay organized well you make the nachos!

Slice the zucchini. You want make them thin enough to fry quickly. But not too thin where you can see through them.

Prepare a small pan with olive oil on medium heat. Once the oil starts to simmer, it is time to place the zucchini in.

Let them sit in the oil for about 2 minutes. Then turn them over. They should start to get a golden color. Once they are a Nice color. Take the zucchinis out.

Place them on a paper towel.

In a small bowl combine. Salt, chili powder, and chili flakes.

Add salt mixture to the top of the fried zucchinis.

Using a cast iron pan. Make a layer of the fried zucchinis.

Sprinkle corn….(and black beans if you want.)

Add a small layer of soyrizo.

Get cheesey! Add a nice layer of cheese over the soyrizo.

Repeat. Add another layer of fried zucchini, soyrizo and cheese!

Add some parsley on the top.

Then place the cast iron into the oven!

Leave in oven for 15-18 minutes. (remember everyone’s oven is different)

Cheese should be melted. Nachos are almost complete.


I added jalapeños, dairy free sour cream, salsa and fresh parsley.

Make it pleasing for your taste buds!


Nacho Time

Now that you know the calories, and all that jazz. It is time to enjoy your nachos!

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below!

Thank you for tuning in for #foodiefriday

Enjoy your weekend!

With love,

The Off-Beat Duchess

Marta Flinn

Hi! I am Marta, creator of DeliciouslyMarta. I have over 5 years experience in recipe development, food videography and photography! When I am not in the kitchen, I love reading, taking my dogs on walks and exploring new places.

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