Best Low Carb Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

This Low Carb Chicken Broccoli Alfredo is so savory and creamy, you’ll want to have it the next day! It is super easy to make and it will become your new favorite dish. It’s a perfect way to get the kiddos to eat their veggies. Want to have a date night in? Make this dish, it is sure to get the mood going for the evening. Want to show off you culinary skills to your friends, this dish will do it!

One Mug: Delicious Harry Potter Butter Beer

This delicious homemade butterbeer will have any “muggle” asking for more! It is a very simple recipe, that doesn’t involve having to heat anything up or use a stove! It is also dairy-free and gluten free!It can all be mixed in a mug. This will become your new favorite drink when you are feeling like binge watching the Harry Potter movies! Or if you are into reading, mix up a quick cup of this butter beer. Find a nice corner in your house and enjoy! You can also make it for a party!! This drink would defintly be approved by Harry, Ron and Hermione!