Auntie Mar Mar’s Homemade Tomato Sauce (Garlic & Rosemary)

Ain’t she saucy today!

Pasta has a way to my soul….and my pant size. BUT it is so delicious! I wanted to share my easy tomato recipe. Pair it with pastas or flatbreads. It adds a fresh tasty spin to dishes.


And a pinch of sass

Cut onion in half. (if you are an onion lover you can use the whole onion)

Dice onion. (No need for perfection.)

In a large sauce pan, add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil, set heat to medium.

Add onions to sauce pan. Then add a pinch of salt, rosemary powder, garlic powder and pepper.

Onions will begin to become golden! Lower heat.

It’s time to cut the tomatoes!

Cut tomatoes to your liking. Then add to the sauce pan.

Peel garlic. If you have a garlic press, use it! I love mine. If you don’t, it’s okay! Use a large butcher knife. Lay knife over garlic, and press down. Then cut garlic.

Add pressed garlic to tomatoes. Then add a pinch of, rosemary powder, salt, pepper, garlic powder and dried rosemary. Place heat to medium. Then cover for 20 minutes.

Tomatoes will break apart easily.

If you prefer your sauce chunky you can leave it just like this! If you want it creamy. Check out the next few steps!

Creamy Sauce

Let the sauce cool for 10 minutes. Then pour into a blender. Add a pinch of garlic powder.

Set blender speed to medium or high. It will take about 45-60 seconds to get the sauce completely cream.

Sauce is ready to package!

You can use any container. I prefer mason jars. They are very trendy right now. But my family has always used them for making jam and canned goods.

Properly seal a mason jar

Add water to a pot. Let boil. Place lids on jars, screw on rings and lower jars into pot of boiling water. The water should cover the jars. If it doesn’t, add more water. Boil jars for 10 minutes. Transfer jars to a folded towel and allow to coo for 12 hours.

Flatbread with Homemade Sauce

Preheat oven to 425F degrees.

Add homemade sauce to a flatbread. Choice of cheese. Top with olive oil and a pinch of rosemary powder and garlic powder.

Bake for 15 minutes.


You can also enjoy this recipe with a spinach and cheese ravioli!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. See you on Foodie Friday!

With love,

Marta Flinn

Hi! I am Marta, creator of DeliciouslyMarta. I have over 5 years experience in recipe development, food videography and photography! When I am not in the kitchen, I love reading, taking my dogs on walks and exploring new places.

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