Vegan Instant Pot Recipe: Pad Thai Stir Fry with Spicy Nut Sauce

Vegan Instant Pot Recipe: Pad Thai Stir Fry with Spicy Nut Sauce

Many of you have been asking me to bring more vegan recipes to the blog! I am not vegan. I do eat many vegan meals (because why not…there are some pretty good dishes!!!) I did also grow up mostly on vegetables and legumes, so I am accustomed to dishes packed with both!

As I was thinking about what my first Instant Pot Vegan recipe should be…the first thing that came to mind was Pad Thai. Firstly, because it is delicious..its jammed packed with veggies and flavor. You can never go wrong with those two.

PLUS, Pad Thai is super easy to “veganize.” You can take things in and out. Substitutes, NO PROBLEM! Use more veggies and tofu!!!!

Pad Thai also happens to be one of my favorite foods! I love nut sauces. So this recipe also includes my homemade mixed nut + spicy sauce!



Place noodles in Instant Pot. Pour water over noodles. (Follow the suggested amount of water of the noodle packaging) Secure lid and move Release valve to Sealing. Press the Manual/Pressure Cook button and set to High Pressure for 2 minutes. (if you are using thinner noodles, I recommend only 1 minute)

Well the noodles are cooking, prepare you sauce! In a medium size bowl, whisk together tamari, lime juice, sriracha and blue agave. Once completely mixed add nut butter. This is going to be tough at first. But keep mixing, eventually the nut butter will blend with the sauces. Lastly, mix in ginger and garlic. Set bowl to the side.

When noodles are finished cooking in the Instant Pot, you will want to let the pot naturally release for about a 2-3 minutes. Then change the Release Valve to Venting. (remember to always be cautious when releasing steam…its HOT.)

Press Cancel and remove lid from pot. Drain noodles, throughly. Rinse through cold water and then pat dry with a paper towel.

Place noodles back into pot. Pour in carrots, cabbage, bell pepper, and snow peas. Press the Sauté button. Carefully mix veggies and noodles in pot. Then pour in nut butter sauce!

Serve noodles warm in a bowl or plate. Top with peanuts and cilantro!

Recipe Notes: When purchasing noodles, I recommend getting thicker noodles (like udon.) These will hold up better in the Instant Pot. If you choose to go with thinner noodles, I suggest you set the cook time to 1 minute on the Instant Pot….so that way the noodles don’t end up extremely soft. When making spicy sauce, add as much or as little sriracha. Make it to your liking.

Nom Nom Nom

Now get ready to for your first bite to be explosive! It will take you a quick second to figure out what is happening…. First your taste something sweet, then spicy…mmm is that salty. Go in for another bit and feel the creamy sauce and the noodles combined….. It will seriously be love at first bite!!!

If you have any questions or comments on this recipe, please leave them below or feel free to send me a message!


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